Essay on Huck Finn From The Book ' The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer '

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As readers we may know Huck Finn from the book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.” After Huck and Tom’s adventure Judge Thatcher put the money they found and put it into savings account that was making interest. The Widow Douglas took Huck in as her son, and was going to “sivilize." The widow made him wear new clothes, and Huck slowly was becoming educated. One night Huck was sitting in his room and around midnight he hear “me-yow! me-yow!” Huck slides down the side of how and crawls amongst the tree, and sees Tom Sawyer waiting for him. The two boys creep along the path slowly passing the house. When passing the kitchen Huck fell and made noise, Jim who was Miss Watson’s nigger came out to see who was making the ruckus. Jim walked out into the yard and sat by a tree right next to the boys, the boys waiting not moving a muscle until Jim feel asleep. Tom played a trick on Jim, Tom moved the hat on Jim’s head to the tree branch. After this day Jim said witches bewitched him and niggers would come from all around to hear the story. After Tom played the trick on Jim, Huck and Tom meet up with some other boys around town. They followed Tom to a cave and start a band of robbers and call it Tom Sayer’s Gang. After meeting in the Cave, the boys played the robber game for about a month until Huck resigned. The boys didn’t kill or rob anybody, but they played int he wood and charged hog-drovers and women in carts. Tom told them that Spanish merchants and Arabs were going to be in…

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