Essay on Huawei Strategic Information Technology Plan

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Huawei Strategic Information Technology Plan
Tricia L. Miller
MGT 497
Thomas Hennefer
May 9, 2011

Huawei Strategic Information Technology Plan
Executive Summary
The Huawei Technologies organization is a leader in innovative technologies and has developed a strong strategy to expand and grow as innovators. Huawei Technologies has embraced technology and has been innovative since the inception of the firm. “Huawei has built comprehensive advantages in core areas such as wired and wireless broadband access, data communications, and optical transmission through years of continuous development” (Huawei). Ranked number five as one the most innovative companies of 2010, Huawei Technologies surpassed other leading telecom firms to rank
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The impact that technology has on business is multi-faceted and cascades throughout firms (White & Bruton, 2011, p.8). The innovative capabilities audit framework is made up of five variables in which a business must consider in the management of technology and innovation these variables include: Availability of resources and what portion is available to the project; the ability to understand the strategy of the competition and the growth of the industry; The ability to understand developments in technology; Structural and cultural context in relation to “internal entrepreneurship”; and The ability to strategically deal with innovation by “internal entrepreneurs” (White & Burton, 2001, p. 29). There are specific types of information to determine the capabilities and certain questions must in turn be asked. What resources are available for the effort and how will these resources is allocated? Does the organization understand the competitions strategies and the industry growth? Does the organization have the capacity to understand the technology? How will the effort affect the business and its internal entrepreneurship? And finally does the organization have the strategic capacity to be truly innovative? To fully understand an organizations capabilities the organization must take a look at the resources

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