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Handbook Date: January 2013

OUR DEFINITION OF STRATEGIC STAFFING At Harrington’s Tax World Services, our mission is to prepare your tax return, in detail, using all components of the tax law in order to get the most out of your tax dollar savings, and resources to put together a complete accurate tax return with emphasis on excellent service and integrity. The purpose of this handbook is to direct our managers appropriate staffing selection to maintain continuous success in the process. Our vision has always been centered on client satisfaction and absolute integrity. Our goal is to help the client, with their tax needs and become their permanent
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___Yes ___ No
If employment is offered would you be able to provide proof of your “legal’ right to United States?” (Gatewood, Feild, Barrick, 2011, p. 355)

Have you ever been convicted of a (Felony or misdemeanor) If so, please indicate when it occurred and how long ago? This will not eliminate you from the position.
Has a license ever been issued in any state by the federal government been suspended, revoked or restricted? Yes____ No_____ If yes, please provide and attached an explanation date(s) location and description of defenses.

EMPLOYMENT To work as a preparer, you must be supervised by a licensed tax consultant CPA, PA. Please provide information.
Last Employer:_____________ Year Employed:________________
Have you ever worked for Harrington’s World Tax Services: ____Yes ____No If you answered yes, verify from:_______ To:______ Reason for leaving?
Are you presently employed? ____Yes _____No If yes, may your employer be contacted? ___Yes ___ No
Employers Name:____________ Employers

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