Essay on Hrm 240 Selection Tools

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Assignment: Selection Tools
J. Scott Lodge
October 9, 2011
Axia College
Assignment: Selection Tools There are numerous selection tools that can be utilized when deciding if an applicant is the right fit for a position; and because there are so many unemployed people in today’s job market it is necessary for companies, especially the Human Resource Department to use selection tools that will allow for optimal results. In an instance such as choosing which selection tools to use for the hiring program of a supermarket; it will be assumed that in this program, a majority of the positions being filled are entry-level. It will also be presumed that this program is limited to only three selection tools. With those
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It also prohibits convicted felons from engaging in financial and security-oriented transactions” (Bohlander & Snell, 2007). So the advantage of this selection tool would be; if the supermarket were hiring for a position that handles money, or in the accounting department, and criminal background checks were not performed; the supermarket would be held liable for any theft or misappropriation of funds. Drug testing is another essential selection tool, even though these tests can be expensive. People with substance abuse problems are historically unreliable; constantly late or habitually absent from work altogether. There is also an issue if the employee has accessibility to cash or products being sold for profit; with a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol, there is no telling how they will react in or to any situation. So the advantage of drug testing is that an employer can stop the problem before it starts. If an applicant were to test positive on their drug screening then the employer will know that this candidate cannot be hired. The benefits of the drug testing far outweigh any upfront costs involved. The position of Franchise Owner/Operator is being explored for the final project in this course. The selection tools listed above; personality testing, criminal background checks, and drug

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