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Carly Fiorina: Is she Helping or Hurting HP?

A Leadership Analysis presented to Dr. Walter Makovoz of National University

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of
Master of Business Administration

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This paper will show how one CEO took her own leadership style and completely transformed a company. Carly Fiorina’s strategies for the success of computer giant, Hewlett Packard, has faced much criticism. Organizational change, specifically to the management of the company’s
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Company employees were not happy about this. • Taking on too many revolutionary company projects at one time: wireless service, digital imaging, and commercial printing. The original founders of HP had continuously taken given product lines and made them better, not taking on innovations. • While Fiorina was at Lucent, she had become frustrated with the buying process from HP. For this reason she created selling teams and completely changed the way the sales forces was compensated. • HP employees no longer possess the job security that they had in the 80’s and 90’s when the economy and computer industry was lagging. By May, 2003, the company had cut nearly 20,000 jobs (Fried, 2003). • Fiorina has led the company to its most widely scrutinized strategy yet; the merging of HP with Compaq.

Since then, most of the nastiness has come from the side of HP management. It began with a newspaper ad quoting the late David Packard in apparent agreement with the idea of the merger. This led to an angry response by David Packard Jr. that his father would never had countenanced the company's growth through such a massive acquisition. Especially not with a culture so alien to the legendary HP Way. (Malone, 2002).

The HP – Compaq Merger

When the children of the founders of HP were notified of the possible merger with Compaq, they publicly stated that they would vote their shares (18%) against the merger. Fiorina responded by taking

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