Hozier Take Me To Church Analysis

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Modern pop songs do not really put something so historic behind the song, but in Hozier’s “Take Me To Church”, he pushes, not only history, but the history from the Christian/ Catholic church and the human atrocities that happened through the church. The song title itself is now self-explanatory and the melody itself sounds somewhat dark and sultry with the slow beat and low piano chords. In the music video, though, tells a story of two homosexual men that are trying to hide their romance, but a group of men, symbolizing the church, find out and begin committing hate crimes towards them. It is not clearly seen what is going on here until the ending when, the men symbolizing the church, carry one of the homosexual men to a large fire. Hozier …show more content…
The first line that really begins to talk about religion would be “If the Heavens ever did speak…” (0:11-0:15). This line is actually showing doubt in religion, the words “if” and “ever” doing so. Only fifteen seconds into the song and it is already dismissing the Church by saying that their thoughts can, possibly, only be thoughts or merely an idea. “Every Sunday’s getting more bleak, a fresh poison each week, we were born sick, you heard them say it” (0:17-0:27). This is actually a pretty big part of the song, not only the lyrics, but the music behind it begins to pick up after these lines creating a dramatic effect of what Hozier has just said. The word bleak has many meanings, but the one that would make the most sense in this context would be. He is saying that every Sunday, which is the day Church takes place, is becoming more depressing. He is then saying that it is something new each week in the church, whether that being new preachings of the religion, hence the word “poison” as if the church is making him drink it. Hozier then reveals what religion it is that he is talking about with the line “We were born sick, you heard them say it”. He is referring to the Christian religion, because the Christians believe that we are born with natural sin and teach of, what is called, ancestral sin or original sin. We now know some context of the song and what …show more content…
Not only does he create this mood through the music, but he shows it in the music video. The music video is all in black and white creating even of a darker mood. It also produces a feeling of hopelessness. The audience feels this through the actors and the actions taking place. For instance, when the homosexual man is being dragged to the fire it generates a heartbreaking moment as if the audience wants to jump in and save him. The mood shown through the video brings awareness to just how harsh the LGBT community is treated because of their sexuality. The intended audience for Hozier’s music video is the LGBT community and also for the religions who say that being gay is a sin. The song was actually released in 2013 which is very much relevant to the events that were going on at that time.
The song and music video for “Take Me To Church” is educating society of the violence the LGBT community has faced since the beginning of time. Hozier made a piece of art to inform his audience by using symbolism, diction, and setting the mood to inform his audience of the atrocities that have happened over time to

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