Mr Blue Character Analysis

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Blue Portrayals
Mr. Blue is an interesting look into idealized christianity. The book examines the life of the “perfect” christian man, the world’s reaction to him, and his own feelings. Mr. J. Blue lives the kind of christian existence that most of us wish we were able to. However, the book asks if this romanticized practice of christianity really the best way to worship. Mr. Blue is undeniably devoted to his religion. However, despite the vast amounts of good he does, Mr. Blue still struggles with starvation and homelessness. Myles Connolly uses Blue as a platform to comment on the ideals of the christian church.
In many ways Mr. Blue is the ultimate wide eyed and perpetually happy christian. He’s committed to orthodox worship practices and
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When faced with the idea of going to a homeless shelter, he cheerfully replies, “That will be glorious. I have long known the magnificent possibilities of living in a poorhouse. I will become the troubadour of the poorhouse." (Connolly 15). In fact, Blue isn’t just relaxed about his future. He seems to view prudence as doubting God and anti-christian. This is where Mr. J. Blue’s extreme beliefs start to become problematic. Jesus may have been aware of want God ultimately had planned for him, but Blue was not. Within the book there seems to be a lesson that God will always provide, shown in how Blue always finds ways to keep going. However, trust in God shouldn’t justify blatant self harm. Philanthropy is noble, but to the extreme where the giver ends up just as needy as the people he gave to. Blue gave so much away that, as his close friend rightfully worried, he ended up in a position he couldn’t help himself from. Blue got by over the years, seemingly because of God, but that doesn’t make homelessness and poverty any less dangerous. There was always a very real possibility that Blue could have starved or gotten sick, regardless of how devoted he was to his beliefs. Such actions are just

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