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Cri du Chat
Cri du chat syndrome is a rare genetic disorder which approximately affects 1 in 20,000 to 50,000 live births. The disease does not depend on ethnic backgrounds, but is most common in the case of women.

The disorder gets its name from the typical cry of babies born with this syndrome. The baby sounds like a kitten, because of problems with the nervous system and larynx. The good news is that about 1/3 of kids recover by the age of 2. Negative aspects of this disease may be: * Feeding problems, because they can't suck and swallow well * Low weight at birth and poor evolution * Motor, cognitive, and speech delays * Behavioral problems such as aggression, hyperactivity, and repetitive movements * Uncommon
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In fact, the break is usually such a rare event that it is very unlikely to happen again if the parent has another child. * It is possible for a child to inherit a broken chromosome from a parent who also had the disorder. * What are the symptoms of Cri-du-Chat syndrome?

Babies with cri-du-chat are usually small at birth, and may have respiratory problems. Often, the larynx doesn't develop correctly, which causes the signature cat-like cry. * People who have cri-du-chat have very distinctive features. They may have a small head (microcephaly), an unusually round face, a small chin, widely set eyes, folds of skin over their eyes, and a small bridge of the nose. * Several problems occur inside the body, as well. A small number of children have heart defects, muscular or skeletal problems, hearing or sight problems, or poor muscle tone. As they grow, people with cri-du-chat usually have difficulty walking and talking correctly. They may have behavior problems (such as hyperactivity or aggression), and severe mental retardation. If no major organ defects or other critical medical conditions exist, life expectancy is normal. * How do doctors diagnose cri-du-chat syndrome? * Doctors most often identify cri-du-chat by the infant's cat-like cry. Other signs are microcephaly, poor muscle tone, and mental retardation. * It is also possible to test for cri-du-chat (and other chromosomal abnormalitites) while the baby

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