How Video Games Changed The Film Industry Essay

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PC Gaming
Technological advancements in this day and age are endless. Constant upgrades are being made to all aspects of the video game world. Switching from console gaming to PC gaming is something that just keeps getting bigger by the day. The gaming industry constantly evolving has caused the technology of the film industry as well as the platform that games are being played to be propelled by gaming technology, this paper will examine, content distribution, how video games changed the film industry, and technological advancement. Now before we get into convergence, I will give an overview of the basics of the video game industry.
The first video game console was made in the early 1970s. There has been an endless amount of consoles made throughout the generations. When people think of video games they think of playing in their living room on whichever console they own. What many people do not realize is that PC gaming started as early as the 1990s. Around the early 2000s is when the PC gaming truly started to take off. Console owners would start to buy expensive computers and that is where they would play video games. Simply because when it comes to performance and graphics, the PC is far superior to consoles. A downside that is widely noted is that a PC that can handle high levels of gaming costs as low as eight hundred dollars to build, which is double the price for a gaming console. Companies are constantly putting out new and expensive graphics cards to upgrade…

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