How To Write An Essay On The Nuremberg Trials

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“After World War II and the surrender of Nazi Germany an international tribunal put senior Nazis on trial in Nuremberg for crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.”First, The Nuremberg trials were a series of trails putting Nazi Germans to justice. These were the worst people in history. They tortured Jews, killed them by the millions, abused them, humiliated them, and more. There were judges all around the world and 800 documents and 30 witnesses took part in the Nuremberg trials.
Instead of one judge they had a party of judges because these were the worst people and they couldn’t trust just one judge. On October 19, 1945, the accused individuals were indicted and a year later on October 1, 1946 the verdicts against them
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The major war trials and the subsequent trials. Trial of major war criminals were held by many jurors. 24 individuals were indicated. One of the indicated men were deemed medically unfit to be in the trials and another killed himself. People didn’t know how to deal with these criminal so they passed laws. This is how the lawyers were able to defend the Nazis. The lawyers said that they broke the law before it was passed so it wasn’t there fault.
Meanwhile, the second trial was the subsequent trials. There were 12 subsequent trials held at Nuremberg. One example of the trials were known as the Doctor Trials. The Doctor Trials were doctors being accused of crimes against humanity including medical experiments on prisoners of war. according to the USHMM out of the 185 people in the subsequent trials 12 were given death penalties, 8 given life in prison, and 77 people varying lengths.
The Nuremberg trials were debatable even to the people who hated them the most. The chief justice of the U.S described these proceedings as a, “Sanctimonious fraud.” Even though the observers of the trial thought it was completely fair and righteous. All in all, the trials were fair and the criminals got

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