How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship Essay

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How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship when in College.
At the age of 18, relationships have the potential to be very difficult. This is because two people fall in love and still do not if they are going to the same college. Falling in love right before college acceptances are out is very risky especially if one party is smarter than the other. That being said, if you do really love someone and you end up in a long distance relationship, you are not doomed. It is possible that it works out. If as a couple you are happy when you are physically together, then you should also be happy when you are some miles apart. However, before one attempts to be in a long distance relationship, they have to be very sure that this is what they
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If you have a partner that is always jealous or always overthinks then it is wise that you think before you tell your partner everything. Also, if you talk too often, you risk not having enough to talk about which also could result in a fight.
This leads to the second key element of maintaining a long distance relationship which is space. Not only could talking to them all the time lead to fights between the two of you, it could also spark fights between your friends and you. You should give space to each other to spend time with your friends and family. Furthermore, you should give your partner space and time to let them miss you. If you do not give them enough space and time away from you, they could take your attention for granted. However, if you give them too much space and time from you, they may fight and act out in order to get your attention. At first, it may be difficult to give them some space but you have to be able to trust that with the space you give, your partner will realize the importance of your presence.
Trust is the main key to a long distance relationship. If there is no mutual trust, there is no way the relationship will work. Not only do you have to trust your partner, you have to trust yourself. You have to trust that you made the right decision coming into this relationship. Once you start second guessing your decision, you need to remind yourself why you

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