Vaccines Persuasive Speech

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Every single state requires children to have vaccines so they can attend public school. There are ways to get around that by having some kind of religious or philosophical reasoning. Vaccines are known to be substances that your child takes to prevent illnesses that have high chances of occurring. If a child is not vaccinated then he puts other children in risk of getting whatever disease that he may be carrying. So the question is why get vaccinated? Vaccines are fully capable of saving children’s lives, they are already deemed to be safe to get, getting vaccines will save you money for the future and it can protect future generations. Vaccines are known to be given to children and infants to have in their system to prevent about three hundred and twenty two million illnesses. These vaccines help the immune system learn how to fight against these diseases so …show more content…
When your child gets sick you have to take them to the hospital to see what is exactly wrong with them. You will have to take time off of work to give them attention and to make sure that they are getting the attention the child needs. If the disease gets serious then you have to pay to keep them hospitalized, medical bill will increase and you have to pay for their medication. When it comes to something like measles where it can cause brain damage or an illness that causes you to lose hearing you will eventually have to pay for mental/physical therapy. Amanda Z. Naprawa, an attorney who got her masters of Public Health from the University of California says “the cost per hospitalization for an infection with haemophilus influenza type B (Hib), a very serious bacterial illness, with resulting meningitis can cost over $43,000. An estimated 19,000 cases of Hib infection will be prevented over the lifetimes of children born in 2009 because of routine immunization, saving an estimated $1.8 billion in disease-treating costs”

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