How To Become A Servant Leader By James C. Hunter

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Over the course of the semester, I have been reading a book called “The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle—How to Become a Servant Leader”, by James C. Hunter. Through out the book, I have been introduced to several principles that have influenced my decision-making in the Community Care Center over the past several months. It all began with Leadership Is About Character, followed by Leadership Requires Patience, and Forgiveness. One principle I wished I had incorporated more into my decisions is Leadership Requires Kindness.
The first principle that influenced my decision-making in the Community Care Center is Leadership Is About Character. This principle teaches that character is about doing the right thing. Everyday we are faced
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It is the ability to show self-control and not act out on an impulse. You must think through every situation and respond smart. This makes you approachable, easy to be with, and safe. Without controlling our actions, we have little hope in becoming the best version of ourselves. This principle affected the way I responded to the event in which I discovered the facility never created a patients rights policy. In my head, I was thinking, “ how the heck does this facility not have a patients rights policy? I must seek who is accountable for not creating one in the first place.” For a moment, I paused and took a deep breath and remembered “ self control”. Instead of acting out on an impulse, I pulled up a nearby clinic patient’s rights policy and gave it to the patient. I then contacted the administrative personnel and asked them to create one for the facility. If I were to act out on anger, I would have done more damage than …show more content…
This means letting go of resentment and forgiving others. This principle was particularly hard for me to apply because I’ve been the type of person to hold grudges against people who did me wrong. It took me quite a while to accept the fact that people are going to make mistakes. People will hurt you in ways you can’t imagine and its up to us to communicate assertively with that individual regarding how their actions affected us. I learned that holding a grudge is for the weak and those who forgive are strong individuals. Resentment destroys a person and their career, and I did not want to be in that route, so I learned to forgive. A great example of this is when one of our fellow staff members decided to publish a very hateful post on Facebook about me. The “old me” would of hold a grudge against him and made sure he knew he wasn’t off the hook. Instead, I removed all staff members from Facebook and made a social media policy for the organization. I spoke with the individual privately and forgave

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