How The World Shapes Innovation Essay

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How the World Shapes Innovation
Throughout history, many attempts for innovations were made, yet only few of them are considered a success. Only a small portion of them have made change in our world, and the names of the figures in the center of these innovations are remembered in history. One important similarities across these remarkable changes is that they didn’t benefit one person but the community. Interaction with the society and surroundings they live have influenced their success in making remarkable changes that still affect our lives today. In other words, as much as they have benefited the society, the society has helped them. Carnegie, Gandhi, Einstein, and Parks are figures that have accomplished social justice in different means with the influence of the historical and social context of their time.
Carnegie was influenced mainly by two factors: his racial background and capitalism in the United States. He was a poor Scottish immigrant who had to work harder than others to make advance in his positions. Yet, he could have started much lower in the society of the Industrial Revolution. While he was “white, not all Europeans were equal at the time. Had Carnegie been born in Ireland or farther East in Europe, he would not have been afforded the same opportunities as he did as a Scottish man. If he had been a freed slave or of otherwise African descent, almost no opportunities would have been available to him. Although Carnegie himself was a proponent of…

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