Essay about How The World Sees You

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The common themes that I am seeing with all 3 of these tables is that I really enjoy being an extrovert. I like to be in crowds and parties. I like to meet new people and try new things. I also like things done in a certain way. I wouldn’t call myself OCD but I know what I like and how I like it done. When I see these topics laid out like it like it is very eye opening. In the book “How the World Sees You” It states “Once you understand how the world sees, you also gain insight into what makes you different.” (67) This is an important factor to know your similarities and differences so that they can be used for my advantage.

My background and choices that I have made thus far in my life does contribute to my schemas. I have always been a social person. I got in trouble a lot as a child for talking at inappropriate times. My overachieving and conscientious side comes from the want of approval. I was compared to my younger sister a lot about how good she was in school and what a good kid she was. I did not have those qualities when I was younger. As I got older I realized they were important and I wanted to show my parents and teachers that I could be just as good as any other kid or student.

Where I am at now in my life affects who I am as a person as well. My job is very interactive with the public. I work in a library and have to engage people every day. What is interesting is that most librarians are considered introverts. Depending what department you work in,…

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