How The Trees In The Sumatran Rainforest Persuasive Essay

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Destiny White
We all use paper in our everyday lives but do we ever realize what people do so that we have it. Paper companies all around the world cut down many trees that we use to survive. In the text, “The Sumatran Rainforest Will Mostly Disappear Within 20 Years”, John Vidal informs readers about all of the risks that the Rainforest is taking in order to have create paper and other products for the world. Taking away the trees in the Sumatran Rainforest harms animals. Also, cutting down the trees in the Sumatran Rainforest harms people as well. Additionally, one company began to feel very guilty because they were using harming so many living things.
Taking away the trees in the Sumatran Rainforest harms animals. The rainforest was once beautiful and full of life but now it is all gone. In lines 10 through 12 the author states, “ Thirty years ago the world’s third- and
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The companies were starting to lose a plethora of customers due to the process that they were using. In lines 125 through 127 the author says, “ had been embarrassed and financially hurt when other global firms including Adidas, Kraft, Mattel, Hasbro, Nestle, Carrefour, Staples and Unilever dropped products made by APP that had been made with rainforest timber.” These companies were deeply upset that APP was harming others by using the timber from the rainforest. The company felt horrible and decided to stop using the timber altogether.
In conclusion, by destroying the rainforest it is hurting animals. Also, deforestation is harming the lives of innocent people as well. Lastly, APP started to realize the harmful effect that their company has on the world. Even though cutting down trees gives us the many supplies that we need we do not think about the people and animals we are hurting. Every tree we cut down is a person’s or animal’s home we are destroying. Are we going to

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