Essay on How The Social World Affects Us

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all over the world, people keeps on asking why certain people behave differently, and why our societies varies, and the quest to understand this is kind of overwhelming. And since I’m part of the people who keeps on asking these type of questions and how the social world influences us, sociology is the discipline that can help us to understand ourselves better. It also helps examines how the social world influences the way we think, feel and act. It also provide insight into what is going on in a situation and even the present alternatives. Sociology emerged around the middle of 1500s-1700s, when social observers began to use scientific methods to test and find answers to the questions being raised about the social world. In 1789, the French revolution also changed the way people behave. It encouraged people to also rethink their ideas about monarchies and the belief in democratic principles of freedom and democracy and social life. The last revolution was the industrial revolution which started in 1780s-1970s. During this period, demand for raw materials and labor increased because companies used machinery in their jobs so people became unemployed and this revolution helped in to the changes in the way people lived their lives. The early thinkers like Marx believed in the notion of class conflict whereby society is made up of two social classes which are the capitalist and labor. He believed that capitalism and labor are enemies and that workers have to…

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