How The Rise Of The Human Sciences Has Increased Your Own Self Scrutiny?

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(1) What are some examples of how the rise of the human sciences has increased your own self-scrutiny? Draw from Foucault 's theory of power/knowledge in framing your answers.

“Foucault focuses on social effects of knowledge; scientific knowledge function as a major social power through the state, the family, hospital, and therapeutic institutions scientific institutions shape the dominant ideas about who we are and what can be said and by whom”(Seidman178) . Before reading about Foucault and his idea of how knowledge controls us and society I did not have an idea about that but after reading it I started to think and agree how true that idea we are being controlled by our knowledge is. “The more the human sciences discover about us: the more anxious we feel about things we never would have thought about if not for the new knowledge (read power) produced by science” (Roberts Lecture notes). I definitely agree that if we know more about something it kind of pushes us to investigate more to learn even more about it. These days people seem to google their sickness before they go and see a doctor. I do that too. Las week I took my son to a doctor and all doctor told me is that it is a virus and he should be ok within two weeks. Because I did a little research on his sickness before my visit to doctor I knew more than what the doctor said and I suggested that she cannot be sure if it is a virus or not without a test so I asked doctor to the virus test. I think it is great…

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