How The Relationship Affects The Mind And Body Negatively And Will Cause Stress

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We’ve all seen friends and families who have been in a controlling relationship and we all have tried to say something to them about or at least tried to help them leave the relationship or try to help them seek out advice to fix the relationship? “Breathing Underwater” tells a story of boy who controls his girlfriend in many different ways and even hits her. Controlling relationships deal damage on both people involved with it and sometimes the friends and families caught in the crossfire of it. The relationship would affect the mind and body negatively and will cause tremendous stress to them and other people try to help. The relationship would cause psychological break downs and the both would start to develop anxiety and then depression, the girl would think she isn’t pretty enough or skinny enough and try to change her look and style and not notice the harm she is causing to her body, The boy would be the one who is controlling the girl and would tell her to change and tell her that the things she does wasn’t cool or worthy enough or he’d try to make sure she needs to rely on him for everything in life. I’d like to focus on the main things that would affect the relationship and that would be first he isolates her from her friends and possible family and make sure she would only need him and that she can’t live without him or he might just complain about how nerdy her friends are and that his friends and her friends don’t get along and that she’d need to ditch her…

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