How The Public And Private Sectors Have Converged Since 1979 Essay

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Outline why it is sometimes argued that the public and private sectors have converged since 1979 and consider to what extent you agree that this is the case
Since 1979, there has been a global shift in the provision of public services, from solely public sector, to a greater involvement of the private sector. Until just over thirty years ago, the public sector was to abide by strict rules and codes of conduct with regards to management, known as Public Administration. However, it was recognised by some that this traditional, possibly out-dated style, proved particularly ineffective and inefficient and so from the mid to late 70’s, a new, more ‘managerial’ approach was brought about, which was heavily influenced by the private sector management techniques. This new approach was known and referred to as New Public Management, and there were a number of factors which initiated this change, of which included political, economic and social influences.
One of the most significant drivers of change, which contributed to the convergence of the public and private sector, was the impact and power of politics. Owen E Hughes signified the importance politics, stating that ‘the business of government is embedded in politics’ (1). Objectively looking at the political left-right dichotomy up until the mid-1970’s, the Left supported the idea of bureaucracy, state allocation, and the saw the market as inefficient. In the centre was the ‘mixed economy’, which believed in regulated markets and…

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