Essay about How The Pollution Affects The Environment

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Within the community of Swansea, I believe that a problematic issue in the environment is the amount of pollution present throughout Swansea Channel, and more specifically, under Swansea Bridge. To further understand the extent of this predicament and identify the main problems and potential solutions, I decided to interview various locals, figure out the most common types of pollution present, investigate how the pollution is affecting the environment, interview a dive expert and get some facts on the problem and to compare the Swansea Bridge area with other various parts of the channel to see if the pollution problem is better or worse in different locations.
Firstly, I wanted to find out how the locals felt about the pollution problem, so I decided to survey as many members of the community as possible to record their thoughts on this problem. Throughout the course of my research, I ended up surveying a total of 70 different people, and through this, I gained some very interesting results. On the right, I’ve included the data from this survey I found that best show the community’s feelings on the pollution problem. 93% of people believed that the pollution problem was a noticeable one that needed to be fixed, while only 7% of people believed there was no problem at all or that they didn’t care if there was a problem or not. This shows that the majority of the community does care about this problem, and that its one they want to be fixed as soon as possible.
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