How The Marriage Can Work, Equality, Stress, And The Children

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In the modern world it is unreasonable to not have both have both parents working. Most people look to the past, how the male figure in the family was the main source of income. But just as we look to the past we must also leave the ways of the past in the past. In the modern world we need to stop the old tradition of the male being the income source, and change it to allow both parents to help support the family. In the following article we will look at, how the marriage can work, equality, stress, and the children. A big question a lot of men have is, can the marriage still work if we both work? The answer to this question is yes. Wayne Hume once said “To make the marriage work it would be wise to, after work, sit down and talk, with your spouse, for an allotted amount of time with no disturbances.” To make the marriage work it requires communication from both sides. This time will also allow the kids to learn how to be self sufficient. In a dual-income family, “Both husband and wife may feel neglected if his or her spouse is absorbed in their job. The key is to communicate your anxieties and wishes to your spouse”(Gillian Markson), what this article is trying to say, is that in order for the marriage to go smoothly both parts of the relationship are going to have to communicate honestly. This will also be a good example for the children on how a couple is supposed to communicate.
When both parents work, there is a potential for greater equality in the roles of husband…

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