How The Legislation Affect The Budget Essay

1438 Words May 17th, 2016 null Page
In the simulation today, we met with our respective political parties and reviewed the pieces of legislation. Since each bill is assigned to a specific committee, we split up into our respective committees, where we read each piece of legislation, determined the pros and cons of each piece, and decided if the Republican Party would support or not support a bill. We also decided if a piece of legislation could potentially be used as a point of compromise with the Democrats in Congress. While analyzing the legislation, we described how the passing of the legislation would benefit or disadvantage the government cost-wise, how the legislation would impact the budget, and how, although the legislation may not cost the government a penny, private businesses would be affected by the passing of legislation. We also discussed our strategies and priorities. We established that one of our main priorities is to defeat the Democrats, as well as to promote legislation which supports our interests. However, we are open to compromise in order to pass legislation. We are willing to support the interests of the Democrats in certain cases, if they support ours. It will be nearly impossible to pass a budget and to support our own interests without support from members of both parties. We support an increased military involvement, fewer taxes, and privatized healthcare. We also support more discretion on the local level surrounding education. We also discussed what strategies we hope to use…

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