How The First Amendment Protects Freedom Of Speech Essay

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Cracking the First Amendment Senate Daniel Inouye, who served in World War II stated his opinion on flag desecration as “[…] obscene, painful, and unpatriotic” (Babbington 1). Although everyone has their own opinion on flag desecration, it is insulting to someone who put their life on the line to protect and defend the rights of everyone. However, the Veteran also makes a point and “[…] believes [that] Americans gave their lives in many wars to make certain that all Americans have a right to express themselves, even those who harbor hateful thoughts” (Babbington 1). This caused major problems with society and what is considered ethical and unethical. Freedom of Speech is a highly debatable topic in America, and continues to cause controversy over how the First Amendment protects Freedom of Speech, and what freedom of speech is and is entitled to. Under the First Amendment it states that “Congress shall make no law […] abridging the Freedom of Speech” (US). Since Freedom of Speech is protected in the Bill of Rights, it is unjustified to punish someone for flag desecration since all Americans are entitled to the rights stated in The Bill Of Rights. Although flag desecration is highly offensive to most Americans since they see the American flag as a symbol of justice, freedom, patriotism and honors those who have fallen. However, taking away the rights of Americans is not justified just because it is deemed to be offensive to some Americans. Flag desecration has been used as…

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