How The External Environmental Factors Affect The Human Resource Management ( Hrm ) Practices?

1992 Words Apr 16th, 2015 null Page
Charles Darwin University (CDU) is providing its education facilities since long time to the national as well as international student with the wide ranges of subject and faculties for undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels. It is also a large direct and indirect employment opportunities provider of Australia. Over 30,000 students are currently enrolled which includes both national and international students and the number is increasing year by year. It has its campuses all over the Australia and in some other countries as well, and university contact centers in major places all over the world in which large number of employees are working with it university profile(University profile 2015). As like other organizations Charles Darwin University (CDU) is also facing problems with the changing external business environments and it continually creating challenges for its Human Resource Management (HRM) practices. The university and its Practitioners of HRM must be flexible in order to cope with these changes for the smooth operation.
The major underlying intention of this essay is to analyze the external environmental factors of CDU and also to discuss how the changes in these factors effects the HRM practices of university and what the university can do in response. The analysis is done in the ground of the external environment factors provided by the Jackson and Schuler (1995) model and it also investigate how the key HRM functions are affected by the change is the…

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