How The Environment Should Be Regulated Essay

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When discussing the environment creates a lot of controversy as there are many different opinions on how the environment should be regulated. Proposals on how to regulate and protect the environment have proved to be unsuccessful up to this point as both political parties cannot agree on regulations that suites all parties involved. The United States needs to take responsibility and be the first country to enact a national policy that will significantly reduce emissions because by doing so will show the rest of the world that a big power such as the ourselves are in fear of an environmental disaster then the rest of the world will get encouragement to follow suite. The issues that we face when discussing Cap and trade proposals is that both parties are in disagreement on what a cap and trade bill would do for the country. On the more conservative side they fear that by enacting this policy would be bad for business as we would lose a large amount of revenue that is generated from fossil fuel and gasoline companies. The more liberal approach suggests that clean environment should not have a price as they feel that the environment should come first rather than revenue. The major issue is that many feel that there has not been enough progress done amongst the world to cut down on emissions and do not believe that aggressively doubling our efforts to cutting down is the answer. Nicolas Loris and Ben Lieberman feel that a carbon cap and trade would be very bad for…

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