How The Educational System Has Evolved Over The Centuries And Developed A Better?

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This essay will discuss how are educational system has evolved over the centuries and developed a better understanding of what’s important for our current and future students to learn and take with them into their future lives. There is also discussion on the issues that teachers face which hinder and make it more difficult for them to be successful. We’ve come a long way and made immense progress, but there is and will remain an uphill better before we get things right.

After reading these last few chapters on cultural diversity, it has opened my eyes to the problems we have dealt with in the past and continue to do so today. In chapter five, it discussed two political areas in which we changed the outcome of education and opened the door for all students, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or gender. One of the first laws that was passed was Title IX which states, “it protects all students at recipient institutions from sex discrimination, including sexual violence” (Spring, 2016, p. 126). This law has changed the dynamics of schools because it ensures that students are safe in the school and educational environment. Male or female, students can be given a sense of security and that they will be provided with the same opportunities as their peers. Another important law passed to change education and shed a positive light on the topic of racial discrimination was the Civil Rights Act; Title VI which states, “the federal government with withhold federal…

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