Essay about How The Business World Follows Game Ethics

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I will now outline Albert Z. Carr’s arguments showing how the business world follows game ethics rather than the ethics used in an individual’s private life. In his essay, Carr uses “the analogy of the criminal court, where the criminal is not expected to tell the truth when he pleads “not guilty”” (Carr, 1968, p.400) and how the job of the defendant’s attorney is get his client off, not reveal the truth” (Carr, 1968, p.400). The defendant not expected to tell the truth due to the fact that if the defendant is in fact guilty and does not want to go to jail they will plead “not guilty” and that the defense attorney’s goal is to acquit their client. The burden of proof in a criminal case is “beyond a reasonable doubt” and rests on the prosecution, thus the defense only has to prove that there is reasonable doubt of the defendant’s guilt to acquit the client and not prove their innocence. Since the above is morally reprehensible by private standards, but is a permissible courtroom strategy the only logical reason for this practice to be acceptable is that the court of law follows a different standard of ethics. Carr uses the criminal case analogy to show how other aspects of our society can follow ethics other than the normal private code of ethics and as a logical next step how other areas of society can also follow a different set of ethics. I use the following of Carr’s analogies to argue that the business world follows a different set of ethics than private life. Carr has…

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