How Technology Makes The World Smaller Essay

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How Technology Makes the World Smaller The idea that the world is becoming flatter all the time is a very interesting idea. Saying the world is becoming flatter or talking about globalization, means that people all over the world are becoming more connected. There are many things that have and are contributing to the making of a flatter world such as advances in transportation and overall greater wealth. However, technology is the driving force behind a flatter world.
The forces that lead to a flat world Before intercontinental air travel, it was very hard for people to connect and do business because travel by sea was very slow. With the invention of planes that can take people anywhere in the world in a relatively short amount of time, people all over the world became a lot more connected. Another thing that has led to a flatter world is people having more wealth and more access things such as transportation, an education, and information. While more efficient travel and greater wealth are some things that have led to globalization, they are not the biggest contributor. When the phone was invented in 1876, people could have never imagined how it would change the world. At first it only connected people that were relatively close together. However, even with its limitations at first, it made it enormously easier for people to communicate because people could actually talk to each other, and it was much easier than its predecessor the telegraph. This invention…

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