How Technology Has Changed Us Essay

816 Words Oct 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Currently, IT industry is going through a revolutionizing change. Competing market emphasizes us more on first time right delivery and zero delayed delivery. Also, the industry has changed a lot the way it operates or the technology it adapts. Now the question put forth is can the technology or the mode of operations help us to achieve the two goals stated above?

Earlier people used to pedal a bicycle to reach their destination. At that point of time the problem was to reach a place with spending less human energy. With the invention of Motor Cycles and Car, their problem was solved. With the invention, do you believe the problems in their transportation were resolved? Only the mode of transportation changed and now the problem has taken other forms like traffic, weather etc. To overcome the above said problems people worked on. With the help of technology, they have come up with various apps to automatically intimate about the live traffic, weather etc.

Even though the solution provided to the above said problems are different, we can find one similarity in the way the solution is provided. At each and every phase Automation has played vital role to resolve the issue irrespective of the technology or the way the problem is addressed. Initially pedaling was automated and now information on traffic or weather is automated to help on their transportation. If automation can improve or resolve other problems, is there a way in software development that would march us toward…

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