How Technology Has Changed The World Essay

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It was February 1946 when John Maulchly presented to the public the ENIAC, a room-sized elaborator, that we can call the first computer.It was expensive, bulky, and oftentimes technically prohibitive machine. All that was requested from it was to compute numbers. Like Darwin theorized the evolution of man from the apes, computers evolved too. They got cheaper, smaller, and easy to use. They acquired monitors and peripherals, a lot of plug-ins peripherals that became a common possession for the average middle-aged American. So when Steve Jobs slipped out of a manila envelope the MacBook air in 2008, a lot people like Joanna Stern a Personal technology columnist for The Wall Street Journal, thought that “it was a downright crazy idea. For nearly $2,000, you got a notebook with no DVD drive, a minuscule amount of storage and ports, and an underpowered processor”. Very few people saw the genius in that tiny laptop. All the competitors were adding more ports to connect peripherals to the computer, they were installing bigger hard disks. An envision the notebook as a desktop computer. But Apple had a different vision. They understood that the internet had changed drastically the need of those heavy peripherals. They saw them as shackles that nail the computer to a fixed location. Apple was aware that the cloud was the future of peripherals, and understood the intrinsic value of a notebook, that is the provide the freedom of movement. Apple wanted to allow users to utilize the…

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