Essay about How Technology Has Changed The World

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Task 1

Today, we do many things online. We do our banking, talk to friends and family, shop and watch tv shows, but all this we take for granted today was just a vague idea 50 years ago. In order to find how how we got this far lets go back to 1957. When it all began. In 1957 computers could really only work on one process at a time. This is known as batch processing. To speed up the computer speeds they had to build bigger computers to the point that the computers had to be stored in special cooled rooms. But then the developers couldn 't work directly on the computers anymore specialists had to be called in to connect them. Programming at that time meant a lot of manual work and the indirect connection to the computers led to a lot of bugs, wasting time and fraying the developer’s nerves. The year 1957 marked a big change. A remote connection had to be installed so the developers could work directly on the computers. At the same time the idea of time-sharing came up. This is the first concept in computer technology to share the processing power of one computer with multiple users.

On October 4th 1957, during the Cold War the first unmanned satellite, Sputnik 1, was sent into orbit by the Soviet Union. The fear of being outnumbered by USSR’s missiles emerged.In order to secure America 's lead in technology, the US founded the "Defense Advanced Research Project Agency" in February 1958. At that time, knowledge was only transferred by people. The DARPA planned a large-scale…

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