How Technology Has Changed Changing Technology Essay

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Technology is advancing every year and growing at a very fast pace. The new generation is adapting to the fast growing changes in technology; the older generations are not as fast to adapt to the changes. Although I had a hard time adapting to the technology I researched and learned the ways to learn the internet when it was first introduced to me. I adapted rather quickly, while my parents had a hard time understanding the concept of the internet and accessibility; when I moved to the United States I was more tech savvy compared to my little brother and parents. Learning the technology helped me understand the “new” patch or the improvement on a tech, like the differences in the advancement of graphics card and motherboards for computers. I had to adapt to stay relevant in the new tech being introduced every year. In the third season of Black Mirror, they introduce the first episode “Nosedive,” which is showing the satire of social media and a society built around social status and technology. It shows the dehumanization of people adapting to the technology and doing whatever it takes to fit in. The main character Lacie Pound is faking it until she makes it. Miss Pound on the show is practicing how to laugh properly so that her fake laugh will entice better ratings for her. Miss Pound on the show is trying to bump up her social rating so that she can afford the house of her dream. The causes of the dehumanization of society include the fast technology and do not have enough…

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