How Technology Has Branched Into The Medical Field And How It Affects Nursing, Patients, And Patient Care

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Technology is taking a seat in the lives of just about everyone around us. You would have to live in a remote area and have no health problems in order to truly get away from the gasps of technology. Today a vast majority of people carry a mini computer in their pockets and use them for their everyday activities. Institution of every business origin use some type of computerized program to collect and organize their work flow. Medical institutions continue to follow suit with technology, especially because of the fact the federal government is mandating it. Informatics is the title of this data collection and usage process. In this discussion, I will explain how informatics has branched into the medical field and how it affects nursing, patients, and patient care outcomes.
Informatics is a process of accumulating, categorizing, storing, recapturing, and redistributing information (informatics, n.d.). This system process of collecting data can and has become part of the medical field. Today we have a data collection process called clinical informatics that stems off of the informatics process. Clinical informatics is the gathering of clinical information which helps with more productive and fruitful medical care and decision making outcomes (Huber, 2014). To compare and contrast these terms, informatics is the broad foundation of data collection and retrieval system, where as clinical informatics is specific to the collection of patient data in the clinical setting.…

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