How Technology Has Become A Way Of Life For The Majority Of People

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Technology has become a way of life for the majority of people today. Web sites, social media, text messages and smart phones have all but replaced interpersonal communication. Technology careers in business management for web and graphic design, like most careers, calls for not only knowledge and talent but also superior customer service. The ability to treat others the way you would want to be treated is vital to any successful career. However, different personalities and religious beliefs of potential clients as well as employees can present a rocky road that needs to be navigated with respect and understanding. Although mankind was created in God’s image, free will can often manifest in decisions that do not coincide with that image.

It can be challenging to decide if you want to take on a project for a person or group who does not have the same beliefs as you. When faced with a request to create an unsavory website or print media, you may, at first, think about the financial benefit of the project. However, your sense of right and wrong, based on your beliefs, will almost immediately kick in. Do I want to put my name on this project? Am I comfortable aiding in the promotion of something I do not believe in? Proverbs 22:1 tells us that a good name is more favorable than financial gain. Many people are so concerned about making money that they overlook how their work will reflect on their image. In my opinion, if the project’s content or context is perceived…

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