How Technology For Students ' Learning And Experience? Essay

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Research Question: How can technology be used in education to increase students’ learning and experience?
Tentative Thesis: Technology is the best advancement in education in the 21st century.
Works Cited
Bissell, Ahrash N. "Architecture and Impact of an Open, Online, Remixable, and Multimedia
Rich Algebra 1 Course." Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks 16.5 (2012): 49
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Ahrash Bissell in “Architecture and Impact of an Open, Online Remixable, and Multimedia Rich Algebra I Course,” illustrates how an online math course can solve many of the problems students face when learning algebra the traditional way. Bissell starts off by showing that the current math education system is failing to prepare students. He then goes onto describe how Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE) built an online Algebra I course that is free for teachers to use in their classrooms. Not only were students using this online curriculum able to learn the information more thoroughly and do better on tests, but students reported that “they like math more” and “60+% feel they are now better at math” (Bissell 55). Technology helped to create an online math course, which in turn allowed students to learn more and to improve their self-esteem.
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