How Technology Affects Our Lives Essay

1399 Words Nov 20th, 2016 6 Pages
As teenagers and young adults we are completely dependent on our technology to get us through almost any situation. The term technology can mean many different things to different people; some people would define as only their cell phones that they keep on them at all times, others may define technology as their entire electronic arsenal from cell phone to laptop to computer to pager if they have one. Regardless of the definition technology has profoundly changed how we live our day to day lives. By allowing teenagers to be completely connected to anyone at any time they walk away with a new view of the world, a view the older generations don’t have. These views lead to a difference in the ideas of independence and by creating a new kind of addiction where one is addicted to their technology. If we are informed about the way technology effects our lives in both a negative and positive aspect we can change the effects it has so they can all be positive.
Imagine a world where your mom and dad could not text or call you on your cell phone at any given moment of any given day, even when they know you are busy doing something more important. One of the major ways technology effects our lives is by reinventing the way teenagers gain independence from their parents and even other teenagers. It used to be that when teenagers went off to college, away from their parents, they had almost total freedom to do what they pleased whenever they pleased to do it. Now the opposite is true,…

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