How Students With Learning Disability Essay

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How to cope with students with learning disability
There are specific attributes of Aaron’s disability that entail specific behavioral characteristics, cognitive function or physical attributes of a learning disorder. That is why he has to constantly take attention deficit hyperactivity disorder medication. People with this kind of disorder exhibit behavioral symptoms like being impulsive, short attention span and inattentiveness, restlessness, easily distracted, over-activity or even constant fidgeting. It is most commonly seen among people with learning difficulties like Aaron and may include some other symptoms such as anxiety and sleep disorders.
There are some remarkable features about Aaron that stand out in kind of this scenario. One of such features is dyslexia that affects reading or other similar language-oriented processing skills (Frank & Livingston, 2002). This disorder impairs decoding, reading fluency and comprehension, spelling and writing. As a result of these, such people undergo mathematics computation difficulty and recalling even known words or even difficulty with handwriting. These remarkable features about Aaron would influence how I teach the child in my classroom in some ways. For instance, I would ensure a quiet reading and evaluation area where such students would answer comprehension and read. I would also supply such students with copies of my own teaching notes, large print books with large line spacing. In addition, I would incorporate…

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