Essay on How Sports Can Change?

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Throughout the countless fields of sports sociology, there is always something that can be brought upon by changing primitive norms and creating new ones. It seems that several topics discussed in class could ideas on where to begin changing certain aspects of sports. One idea that has been sparked goes hand in hand with one of the concepts discussed in class, sports and politics. But how do sports and politics interact, one way is the political feeling of a certain nation affects every aspect of the country.
One trend that has sadly effected the globe is the rise of right wing populism and nationalism. To understand why this has suddenly risen in the past few years, there must be some clear understanding of what these concepts before the discussion on how sports can change can begin. Right-Wing Populism is the political ideology that derives from populism, but taking a right-wing approach. This ideology includes a us vs them anti-establishment stance, xenophobia, sacrificing the rights of others is acceptable, which is usually targeted against people of color, and this idea that things today are worse off and we need to return into the past where things were much better (Greven, 2016).
Using the structural theory, the theory which focuses on social organizations and who has access to power, authority, material resources, and economic opportunities. Additionally, to change sports, one must be able to do this by changing the context of which social relationships exist. The…

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