How Socialization Affects Children And Schools Are Responsible For Socialization

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Imagine you are sitting in the front pew of the family church, you decided to wear a dress that was normally reserved for school, your mom hesitated before letting you walk out the door but mostly because you were already late, but you are sitting in the front pew and one of the female deacons comes by and places a sheet over your already crossed legs. You smile politely but wonder what’s up with that, you weren’t wearing anything to revealing, yet fault still seemed to be put on you for the hypothetical wandering male gaze. This is socialization. It is the process of enforcing social “do’s and don’ts” on an individual. Socialization can also occur within groups rather than just within society as a whole. We are all responsible for socialization. Our families and schools are responsible for socialization as well. School being only one example of an institution that participates in socialization. Other institutions such as the court system also play a role in this. And as mentioned earlier, church is definitely a prime example. It is through socialization that we learn to speak when spoken to, or what is considered appropriate attire, and even how to sit at a public function. Socialization impacts the way we view gender, race, and socioeconomic status. All of these which are intersectional and simultaneously impact the others. Racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, and others isms and phobias are also often products of socialization.
As previously stated, the different…

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