How Social Work Affects The New Generation Of Social Workers Essay

720 Words Nov 7th, 2015 3 Pages
Social work has evolved over time, and it has paved the way for the new generation of social workers. I believe that I have benefit from the evolution; I can accentuate that social work has more priorities in day to day practices. Combining field work and classroom work has made a significant change in the way I work. I have seen changes in my approach with clients. I am more aware of my transference and countertransference. I take time out to practice active listening and mindfulness. The clients are the expert at their stories and a good tool to learn. I have noticed a change in monitoring and evaluations. Due to severity of the cases more restrictions are put in place to keep children safer. More services are put in place to preserve the family, and to avoid the problem from reoccurring. I feel that due to new trainings and changes in the laws local, state and federal, permanency is achieved faster. Due to these changes there is always a turn over for new cases.
In addition, to changes there are challenges the clients experience, such as housing, a steady source of income, completing their service plans and abstaining from their previous drug uses. The agency I worked for served a mixed population of minority African Americans, Hispanic and a percentage of Caucasians. Often times, clients may have barriers that affects their ability to maintain stable employment. For example, some forms of physical or mental disabilities. Housing plays a major role with clients and…

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