How Smoking Has A Negative Effect On Smoking Essay

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in his mouth to feel tough about himself. Even though Sedaris may not admit it he is an addict smoker, this is shown when he states, “When New York banned smoking in the workplace. I quit working When banned in restaurants I stop eating out”(sedaris,3).Sedaris here is not just a smoker but a smoker who is controlled by smoking he puts smoking over his job and even eating. This definitely shows a negative effect that smoking has had over Sedaris it has taken over him.
Sedaris uses anecdotes about his family member’s health to show how smoking has a negative effect. The first health issue Sedaris addresses is , “ uncle Dick died of lung cancer and a few years later my mother developed a nearly identical cough” (sedaris,4).This health complication and death are assumed to be caused by smoking. Sedaris also describes the negative view of smoking when he describes where his mother had to smoke at work he states, “Once every hour my mother would step out the back door. I think it was there, standing on gravel in the hot parking lot, that she came to think smoking as unsophisticated” (Sedaris,4).His mother who has had a huge influence in his smoking has come to term with smoking, and finds it unsophisticated. This also had an impact on Sedaris because his mother was his biggest promoter in smoking, but now she herself is taking a new look on smoking. This shows that smoking has a negative impact on a society because it can be seen as unsophisticated and even worst can cause…

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