Essay on How Sleep Deprivation Affects Myself And A Co Worker

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When people look at the occupation of nursing, all many seems to see is a wonderful profession in the healthcare world. Many people overlook the fact that healthcare profession is a culture within itself that suffers from sleep deprivation. There are 40 million Americans each year stuffing from sleep deprivation. Many also suffer with chronic and long-term sleep disorders, and additional 20 million experience occasional sleeping problems. These disorders interfere with work, driving, and social activities in many peoples (.McCann, L. D, 2014, p. 309).
Therefore, Sleep deprivation needs to be addressed as an epidemic in the medical profession. Two people will to be examined that suffer with sleep deprivation are John Doe and Christine. One must look at their background and habits and diagnose them currently.

Background Information In this paper we will be discussing multiple subjects. I will focus on how sleep deprivation affects myself and a co-worker whom I will call Mr. John Doe for the sake of confidentiality. Both Mr. John Doe and I work in the healthcare field. I work as a wound care technician, unit clerk, Monitor tech. Mr. Doe is also a wound care technician and certified nursing assistant (CNA). We live very different lifestyles but suffer from many of the same effects of sleep deprivation.
To illustrate, I park in the back of the parking lot and do not catch the company bus into the building. I use the stairs and not the elevator; I pass on the Friday…

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