Essay about How Services Influence Customer Behaviors

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1.3 How services capes influence customer behaviors
The physical environment that purchases occur influences the behavior of customers. Various psychological studies have shown that the environment in which interaction takes place influences the behavior of humans. As stated earlier, individuals can either show approach or avoidance behaviors. The approach behaviors include the desire to affiliate, explore, stay, and work. The negative behaviors, on the other hand, reflect the opposite. The customer perceptions on the environment influence various approach behaviors such as the enjoyment of shopping, the establishment of friendly relationships with others, store exploration, and frequent returns. Most organizations commit themselves to the establishment of a positive environment where customers can have a positive experience (Simpeh et al. 2001).

Besides attracting or discouraging customer entry, the servicescape also influences the experience of customers in executing their purchase plans after entering the shopping environment. Customers usually visit service organizations with objectives that can either be hindered or aided by the purchase environment. For example, a complex and crowded purchase environment where customers cannot easily find a signage that gives directions is likely to deter a customer from achieving his or her objective. Some conditions within the shopping environment can also limit the ability of a service provider to perform his or her roles, and this…

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