Schindler's List Essay

Schindler’s List relates to Europe during World War II from around 1939-1945. These dates mark the start and end of World War II. In the movie, the opening scene of Jewish families being registered occurs in 1939. The end of the main plot occurs around the end of World War II in 1945 as Schindler, who is a Nazi has to flee his factory and a Russian Allied soldier is sent to tell the Jewish workers that they are free. While Schindler’s list mostly relates to the events of the Holocaust, other developments in World War II definitely influenced the movie’s plot. The movie also relates to the German home front as Schindler’s factory was part of the German home front. All three of these examples show how connected Schindler’s List is to European …show more content…
After Germany had invaded Poland in 1939, the large Jewish population that existed there was vulnerable to Nazi mistreatment. In early 1940, Jews were sent to ghettos to isolate them from the non-Jewish population. Jewish workers, like the ones in Schindler’s factory, could work in factories to help the German war effort. In the German invasion of Russia, thousands of Jews were killed by the Nazis. Like in the movie, many Jews were forced to dig pits in the streets and they could also later be executed row by row. In 1942, Hitler decided to eradicate all Jews in Europe. From that point, until 1944, Jews would be removed from their ghettos and would be transferred to concentration camps. At these camps they would be systematically killed in gas chambers. Other Jews that were killed came from the Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Belgium and France. Jews in countries that were allied with the Nazi’s were also killed. Croatia, Slovakia, and Romania were persuaded to persecute Jews in their countries. As the war came to a close, Nazi’s would burn the dead bodies of Jews to erase evidence of the atrocities they committed. The remaining Jews would be transferred to other concentration camps where they would be gassed. Many Jews at these camps were starving and experienced malnutrition. This part in the movie can be seen when Amon Goethe is ordered to incinerate the bodies of the dead Jews in his Plaszow camp. Shortly after Goethe is ordered to send the remaining troops in his camp to Auschwitz. Understanding they would lose, many SS officers committed several atrocities such as killing prisoners and forcing Jews head west on foot. The Holocaust would end around the same time that the Nazi’s surrendered to the Allied Powers. The Allies would then send soldiers to liberate Jews. However, the Holocaust has deeply impacted the Jewish community as around 5.7 million Jews died. The Holocaust strengthened the ideology of

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