How Rumor Spread And How It Affect Us? Essay

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Since ages, people have been passing the story person to person to make it more obvious. It has never been gone, but it has been creating insecurity. A rumor is like gossip; some can be true some cannot. Sometimes, some rumors start with the true statement, but later it end up being distributive and annoying. It can be very harmful to some people who take things straight to their heart rather then understanding the fact that it is just a gossip that people create, but it is different with every individual. In this chapter, I will be focusing on three authors who gives an excellent explanation of rumors from their theory of how rumor spread, types of rumors and how it affect us.
There are many ways to spread the rumors and many of us accept false rumors because of either our fears or our hopes. As some authors in Chapter 11 defined the term rumors, they defined somehow the same by saying rumors are derived from our own belief but without a valid verification which circulate around the people as an important role. In the article,” Rumor Cascade and Group Polarization”, Sunstein talks about how rumors can spread depending how people make sense of it. He said, “Once a certain number of people appear to believe a rumor, other will believe it too, unless they have good reason to believe it is false” (Sunstein 388). People who lack understanding the facts, they often spread the information incorrect or with self-made information. If people have a good understanding on how to take…

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