How Race Is The World A Better Place, And The Five Levels Of Leadership

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Over the semester, we’ve learn a lot of information and strategies, from ways to persuade an audience to simple quotes in our everyday lives. After going through my notes, I found the seven concepts that stood out to me the most. The following are, Race is a social construct, “Life is always fixable”, the three steps to making a video go viral, Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone, RPIE, “Make the world a better place”, and The Five Levels of Leadership. The following concepts are already concepts I use in my everyday life and others and the others I plan on taking with me into my future.
To begin, the concept of race. Race is a social construct, meaning, someone made a distinction between the color of people’s skin and created a hierarchy. As professor Hardy would always say, “we do not have a race chromosome in our body”. However, racism is real. I am a black woman in America, which is why I chose the following concept. I grew up in a predominately white town. Being that I was in higher level classes the number of blacks dropped tremendously. On the first days of class, when I walked in, I would receive the “looks” from my White, Asian, and Indian peers. In the beginning, I was discouraged but then I realized the ignorance’s and racism my peers displayed. The fact that they were judging my knowledge based on the color of my skin was saddening. I made it a point to work twice as hard to show them that I belonged in the class, just like them, if not more.
Being that I’ve had to…

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