How Qing Dynasty Collapse Essay

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The Collapse of Qing Dynasty The Qing dynasty (1916-1912) is the last imperial dynasty of China, it was consider as the most powerful country during the “golden age” ruled by Kang Xi and Qian Long, and it has over 400 million population and has the 1st ranked GDP in the world at the moment. The Qing has the supreme power at the time and has the significant influence in East Asian. However, the collapse of the Qing Dynasty made a humiliate history of China. The Qing dynasty doesn't fall suddenly, and the collapse of Qing is not just simply because domestic revolution and alien invasion. The failure of the Qing government is worthy to study, we need to take a deep step and explore the root cause of the collapse of Qing. …show more content…
So, in 1860s and 90s, the westernization movement to “self- strengthening” and “rich” for the purpose, set off a “long skill with barbarians” (Jiang122) reform movement. Founded their modern military industry, civil industry, set up new type schools, cultivating scientific and technological personnel and students. The westernization movement promoted the modernization of Chinese education and traditional social ideas change. The westernization movement bring some positive effect to China, however, the old feudal system and bureaucracy makes the movement failed at the beginning. At the moment, they are two parities in the Qing’s government, one was supported the westernization and the other were anti-westernization. The two parties fight all the time and they cannot make an agreement. So, even though CiXi empress dowager was support the movement, the movement were still hindered by the people who were anti-westernization. In the other hand, assume that the Qing government are fully support the westernization movement, the movement will still fail as the same. Because, the Chinese government just want to use the new technology from western to maintain its power, however, the Chinese society and institution are very different than western countries, Chinese government were feudalism, but the western countries were capitalism. The Chinese government didn't realized, that the successful of western countries is because their institution. The westernization will

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