How Processed Foods Affect Our Health Essay

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How Processed Foods Affect Our Health
Have you ever felt guilty after eating a large bag of Doritos? Food is the fuel that keeps our body functioning correctly. The growth and maintenance of our body are possible because of nutrients and energy we obtain when we eat. Nowadays, many people in the world are getting sick with food related diseases. This is happening because the quality of what we are eating is not adequate. With the development of new technologies in the last years, processed foods have become a significant part of our nutrition. This type of food doesn’t come from natural sources and its creation involves chemical processes that are not suitable for our body. Processed foods affect our health because they contain high amounts of artificial ingredients that lead to diseases and people can easily become addicted to this kind of food.
People believe that processed foods are just microwavable products and ready to eat meals, but that is not the truth. “Processed food is any food altered chemically by additives such as flavors, colors, preservative, or which has been manufactured through combining them or using other processing methods” (The Impact Of Processed Foods On Our Health). The main intention of processing food is to prolong the shelf-life of products, so companies do not have to lose money discarding large quantities of expired food. As a result, the ingredients that make these products last longer are harmful to our health. This is why food related…

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