How People Build Million Dollar Companies Essay

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We are provided many resources and how we use these resources depends on us. We look how people build million dollar companies because they understand the economy enough to supply needs of consumers. One of our resources we do have and most important for survival is food. We have access to land that allows us to grow vegetables, fruits and create farms so we can supply to consumers taste. Considering that we also are able to develop different types of food or cuisines for the taste buds of the consumers. We look at French cuisine, Italian cuisine and much others that are influenced by different cultures around the world. So it allows us to have different options when it comes to food.
Many people use resources to start a small business in the United States and the percentage of profitable small business stay open in the restaurant 's industry is fairly low. One of the reasons I 've discovered is because they have a lack of planning and also location. One of the small business I 'm looking into is a restaurant called Alberte 's Restaurant with a Caribbean Flavor. They carefully planned out their business to where they knew what they were selling and the perfect location to place the business. This restaurant took the opportunity to open up their business in an area that has a large amount of Caribbean diversity. By doing this it allowed them to secure some type of profit within the restaurant industry.
Alberte 's is open at very convenient hours for consumers starting will…

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